What is Kino Kabaret?

Kino Kabaret” is a film making workshop lasting several days, which gathers film makers from all over the world to create short, low budget (or no budget) films. Under one roof you will find amateur and professional film makers with diverse professions, nationalities, ages and gender all creating films with almost no financial means! The emphasis is on effort, creativity, enthusiasm and having a healthy dose of fun. Which is made possible by mutual help and exchange of ideas in a non-competitive environment.

The event originated in Canada 1999, and played a major role in spreading the spirit of “Kino”, which is the name of a movement, born 1999 in Montreal (read about it here). The concept spread over the ocean quickly and these days there are more than 70 Kino “cells” worldwide.

The original and main activity of Kino cells is to hold regular screenings for short films produced during kino kabarets world-wide. For watching videos produced during Kino Kabaret Praha 2011, please check VIMEO.


How does our Kino Kabaret work?

You can think of a short film project which you would like to shoot, or you can join an existing film crew. You can attend as a director, scriptwriter, DOP, actor, boom operator, editor, light assistant, musician, composer, animator, producer, make-up artist, costume designer or assistant. Alternatively,  any other creative support is always welcomed to help produce a film. If the director comes with more ambitious project which needs more time to be completed (e.g. it will take 2 full sessions to complete), the director should create QUICKIE (a short 1-2 min film), which will be also screened at the cinema.

There is a time limit of 60 hours for all participants:

On the first day all the participants gather in the Kino Lab. There they present their ideas in front of the others as well as announcing their requirements for the film crew they need. The crew will be formed shortly after all the other ideas have been presented. If you do not have your own script, you can always join another team. However, having your own project and your own equipment is a big plus. After the presentation, the film teams are made and the shooting starts. The second and third day is dedicated to post production in the Kino Lab (access 24/7 so you can edit all night long), and in the evening of the same day the finished films are screened in the cinema.

Kino Kabaret is divided into two three-days sessions, each of the sessions lasts 60 hours and the film screening is right after each session.




If you have any questions, please contact us.