Kino Praha at GENERATOR, an audiovisual forum in Strassbourg

Generator Youth Audiovisual Forum is organized by NISI MASA and is held in Strassbourg from 25-27 January 2013.


Klára Trsková, participant of Kino Praha writes about her experience at GENERATOR:

Gloves and cameras needed!

6 am, January 24, dark Strasbourg bus station. Your bones are shivering with extreme morning cold. Everything around is closed, except your red blury eyes. So you catch a tram which might go to the center (without valid ticket), keep x-raying every strange looking guy in a grey jacket. This is how it starts – NISIMASA Generator trip.
Then you spend a day walking around, complaining, having cup of tea every thirty minutes so you don’t freeze to death. When you are almost bankrupt, you try to find a way to any possible warm place. Museum of Modern Art seems like a good address. You ask somebody how to get there using English. Random man gives you a lesson not to use English because „you’re not in England, young lady“. Unfortunatelly the only word you know is merci just because of brand comercials advertising chocolatte boxes in the Czech Rep.
You finally manage to sneak into the museum without paying any entrance fee, survive the rest of the day and find some kind french person willing to lend you a couch for one night. The next morning when you are almost back to be a smilling social butterfly, it’s time to search for the Generator 2013.
From the wide list of activities we decided to join Kino Kabaret so we spend most of the time working on our short movie, there wasn‘t any time left to join the other workshops. That was such a pity because then we heard from the other participant how well prepared and inspiring they were. What we missed during the daytime because of shooting, we tried to catch in the evenings. A point of the programme which I liked the most was screening in the close cinema. You could see how the genre of short movie has developed in the past couple of years and what amazing work can be done in less then two days during the kabarets. Generator‘s parties? Don’t expect any raving naked film makers and spliting headache in the mornings. It was all quite calm, pleasant pub talking and getting in touch with new people which might be a good help in our future projects. Once you come to Strasbourg and you get used to it’s slowly french rythm, you can’t leave very easily. Through this article I send one huge red merci to the organisators for preparing this great three days.