Registration for the 5th International KINO KABARET PLZEŇ - The European Capital of Culture 2015
18-24 September 2015

*1st session 19-20 September (18 September arrival, welcome party)
*2nd session 21-23 September
*The best of Pilsen screening in Prague at Nákladové nádraží Žižkov 24 September.

Registration fees:
Whole Kino Kabaret 18-24 September: 1500CZK (55EUR)
1 Session: 800CZK (30EUR)
Please note that the registration fee needs to be paid within 48h otherwise your registration is not valid.

The registation fee could be paid in CZK via wire transfer to the Czech bank account or in CZK or EUR via Paypal or Transferwise. Payment details will be also provided via confirmation email after registration is finished. If you wish to transfer money to our Czech bank account, please pay all the transfer fees (if there are any)

Accommodation in PAPIRNA PLZEŇ, 10min walk from kinolab Zastávka Plzeň. Please bring your own sleeping bags.

*Sleeping at Papirna Plzeň - included in the price of registration fee. you need to bring your sleeping bag and mattress.
*Sleeping in hostels recommended by Kino Organizers - price is around 200CZK-350CZK for a bed. You need to pay for it separately.

The early deadline is 22/8 and regular deadline is 5/9. The early deadline participants will get a free mattress in the sleeping area (until the capacity of matts is over).
After the deadline, in case of cancellations or non-payment for the registrations fees, we include people from the waiting list.

Terms for attending Kino Kabaret Plzeň 2015:

*I am responsible for my own film equipment. (Please note, we don't have insurance for theft, but you can store all your equipment in the closed storage room).
*I will not violate copyrights while making film.
*I will not take other's participants or organizers things or equipment without asking them first.
*In case I break something in the kinolab Zastávka Plzeň or in the sleeping place Papírna Plzeň, I will tell it to the organizers and I will repair it or pay for the damage.
*I will make films hard, party hard and I will be cool ^_^

Communication language of the workhop is English.

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What Knowledge/Experience/Skills do you have?
 Director Editor Actor Cameraman Light Script Sound engineer 2D, 3D Visual Artist, VFX Stop motion/Animation Screenwriter Clap Make-up artist Costume designer Musician Music composer Singer Assistant Not much experience in filmmaking - helping hand

What film equipment, props, music instruments will you bring?

Which Rounds/Sessions will you attend? (required)
 Both (18.-24.9.) First (18.-20.9.) Second (21.-23.9.) Screening at Nakladove Nadrazi Zizkov, Prague (24.9.)

I am arriving on and leaving

Accommodation details: (required)
 Sleeping at Papirna Plzeň Sleeping in hostels Other

How did you hear about Kino Kabaret Praha?
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Any Questions/Comments?

I have read all information concerning this Kino Kabaret and want to participate at those terms. (required)

You will get a confirmation email with the instructions how to pay the registration fee. Please note that the registration fee needs to be paid within 48h otherwise your registration is not valid.

If you register and realize you can not attend Kino Kabaret for any reason, please let us know immediately!