Kino kabaret

KINO PRAHA organizes its 5th KINO KABARET in PILSEN from 18.-24.9. 2015.

KINO KABARET is a creative, independent platform, laboratory, network or however you call it, of filmmakers, actors, music composers and all various creative individuals who are meeting and interacting with the same goal – to make films! By any means, in a short time, with many challanges….
In KINO we follow a motto: “Do well with nothing, do better with little, do it right now!”

Plzeň 2015 is European Capital of Culture 2015 and there is a lots of going on in culture – and beer is cheaper than water there!!! And we got some really cool location for kinolab PLZEŇ ZASTÁVKA and screenings at DEPO2015 and PAPÍRNA and final screening will be then in Prague on 24th September.


We welcome all filmmakers from CZ and abroad, professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs, film students, any enthusiast souls who wanna experience the beauty of filmmaking.
The film crews are created on the spot. Directors and screenwriters pitch the film ideas and needs at the production meetings and then the crews are created and shooting starts. Yes, it’s that easy!