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 Director Editor Actor Cameraman Light Script Sound engineer 2D, 3D Visual Artist, VFX Stop motion/Animation Screenwriter Clap Make-up artist Costume designer Musician Music composer Musician - I can play in front of public during the silent film screening Singer Assistant Not much experience in filmmaking - helping hand

What film equipment, props, music instruments will you bring?

Which Rounds/Sessions will you attend? (required)
 both first (14-16 September) second (17-19 September) second round & the special screening on 20 Sept.

I am arriving on and leaving

If you live in Prague, please offer a couch/bed/floor to our
international participants. Offering a couch to intl. participants actually deepens the unique Kino Kabaret experience and is a great way to meet new people. When you travel to other
Kino Kabarets around the world, the same hospitality will be extended to you.

I can host international participants to sleep at my place during the following sessions:  both first second Please write the exact dates when you can host someone in the Comment section below.

Will you arrange your own accommodation while in Prague?  Yes No I will try and if I can't find anything, I will let you know

In case you want Kino Praha to provide you an accommodation (at participants' and organizers' homes) and we can't provide any more free accommodation capacities, will you be willing to pay the hostel (simple accommodation DOBRA UBYTOVNA walking distance from the Kinolab - 7 EUR/night)?  Yes No

How did you hear about Kino Kabaret Praha?
Please be specific, e.g. "flyer at location X, what website...".

If you are a director and would like to use the full length of the
kabaret to produce a single film longer than 10 minutes, upload the
screenplay below, or send it via email before the deadline. If you consider this option and don't have the screenplay yet, please let us know it the Comment section below. (All the regular, shorter films which will be produced during 1 session don't have to send the screenplays).

Any Questions/Comments?

I have read all information concerning this Kino Kabaret and want to participate at those terms. (required)

We will send you email with more information, how to get there, sleeping arrangements etc. after the deadline on September 4. For applications and free beds, we apply the rule first-come, first-served so applicants showed at the participants list ARE automatically accepted but not necessarily given a place to sleep if you request one.

If you register and realize you can not attend Kino Kabaret for any reason, please let us know immediately!

Please confirm your attendance HERE (FB event)