Kino Praha / projekce a produkční schůzka #1


Filmmakers and actors of KINO PRAHA, their friends, independent filmmakers in Prague and anyone interested in filmmaking are going to meet in order to discuss ideas, scripts and shooting plans with the goal to produce few short films and screen them next month (date to be decided). The meeting is to motivate people involved in independent film production to keep the energy, spirit and enthusiasm to actively make short films. The reward of doing so is the public screening of the films in Kino Pilot one month later.

Everyone is welcome to join the meeting – directors, cameramen, screenwriters, actors, musicians, editors, sound designers, make-up artists, prop masters, assistants, people both experienced or less experienced… etc etc >>> bring your idea or just simply join some other project, you‘ ll have 1 month to produce it and screen it! :)

We follow the Kino motto: „Do well with nothing, do better with little but do it NOW!“ >>> which simply means we don’t agree with any competition concept, we help each other, share equipment, try our best to make things happening, all with love, passion and dedication for the sake of free creation – we are totally independent group of open-minded filmmakers, not sponsored by anyone and trying to be as independent as possible – and we believe it is doable!

SCREENING >>> whoever wants to screen some of your short films to show the others what you can do and what projects you worked on, bring them with you on USB stick or harddrive and we will screen it with pleasure…

18:00 gathering at KINO PILOT (Donská 19, Prague 10)
18:30 presentation of filmmakers and actors and screening of their short films
19:30 production meeting for the new projects, networking…



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Czech & English friendly event